Welcome To Abdulla Al Marzooqy

Abdullah al Marzooqy group is a privately-owned company based in Abu Dhabi with a wide range of services. Abdullah al Marzooqy group offers professional services in the field of Construction, Heavy Lifting, Transport and Diesel Trade. Our strategy involves transparency allowing our clients to from a bonding relationship. The diversity of the group allows us to pursue new opportunities more easily and we are always looking forward to chance our growing portfolio.

Our client recognizes our commitment to the highest quality work delivered on schedule and within budget. In meeting these objectives, we consistently place the emphasis on health, safety and the environment.

Our Mission

To be the provider of the quality service with the highest standards to our clients.

Great transparency when dealing our clients.

Provide our employees with career pursuing opportunities.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of quality construction machinery and roadwork services in the U.A.E.

Chairman Message

Abdullah Yousuf Jaber Al Marzouqi

Abdullah Al Marzooqy Group was established in 1991 as a Transport the economy in the U.A.E. flourished it complimented our group and soon we took on projects in the field of civil construction as well as earth moving work.

Since the establishment of Abdullah Al Marzooqy Group there have been many additions in our services which have complimented our business effectively.

For almost 2 decades now Abdullah Al Marzooqy Group has been successful in providing its clients with quality of service. However, we thrive to work harder so as so become larger and better.

Vice Chairman Message

Chaudhary Mohammad Zaman

Welcome to the AM group of companies. It’s my great pleasure to introduce AM group and our services. Our transport name and services currently span Oman and UAE and we have wealth of experience of over two decades, having started off in the year 1990 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, this transport group saw a rapid development through the decade. By the start of new millennium, the transport company expanded its operations in contracting, building Demolition, Excavation, road contracting, supply of all kind of earth material and diesel supply in the region. After several years we overtook all our major rivals, in delivering a Reliable and Efficient service to our customers.

Efficient supply chain processes are more crucial than ever, especially in today’s complicated business environment. We plan to future expand in the field of transport and construction in the region, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In addition, we will further strengthen our network in Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to support our customers that operate in these markets. Our company has the capability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. this flexibility allows us to continue to meet our customer ‘s demands in a Timely and Cost- Effective manner. Therefore, Today AM group is one of the leading transport and road contacting company in the Region.

Further growth in the field of import & export of heavy vehicle equipment’s from North America and Europe is currently underway. Moreover, the rapid expansion and diversification into an array of different field has firstly been achieved through the help of Allah the All Giving and Most Merciful. The company has also achieved this standing in the region by adopting the approach of the Professional and Corporate Minded Management. Above all, having had a motivated team of employees and a talented workforce has been the foundation to our growth and it has proved to be our company’s most valued asset.

Our corporate social responsibility to all our customers has been well maintained over the course of the years. Complete satisfaction of our customers is the ultimate goal of the company. Looking ahead, we are aiming to further improve our services across the region through innovative developments. In particular, we will provide Tailor Made services to meet requirements in specific sectors such as contracting, transport and diesel supply.

I would like to end my note by mentioning one of our focal maxims, which has helped us to succeed and grow as a company – “the Best is yet to come

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