Corea Auto Mobile Gas System

Corea Automobile Gas System LLC, is a Korean Based significant traditional service provider for the CNG Vehicles. Our Core Business is to Provide CNG Conversion operator services. We have an experience of more then 10 years around the world.

CGS operates on a quality policy designed specially for our organization to make the best NGV conversion services of highest international standards.

CGS is also exclusive distributor of OMVL by WestPort group in the middle east region.

Mission Statement

The basis of the company’s mission statement are:
Optimum NGV Conversion Services with minimal emissions, a combination giving Customers maximum satisfaction and reliability, and a steadily cleaner future.

CGS- Strategy

At CGS, we’ve been thinking about questions like how we can Lead in NGV industry efficiently, more responsibly, and more economically and the answer lies in proper execution in the following three core areas:

  • Employee
  • HSE Policy & Quality Management
  • Customer Satisfaction

The Employee process is very important After all, it’s the employee of an organization who devise the strategies and perform the job. Therefore, we pay huge importance in choosing the right and qualified people in our organization

Project Team & Organization

HSE Policy

  • Most of today's industrial accidents are caused by human factors rather than by facility problems or unavoidable causes.
  • Therefore, we are paying much more attention to changing mind in the accident prevention.
  • CGS is making every effort to produce high quality NGV conversion Services and carryout efficient ways of NGV Vehicle conversion thru safe work practice.
  • Hence, it is important that we eliminate factors like workshop accidents, which would weaken productivity and quality.
  • Actually, no matter how hard a company performs to improve the facility, it is difficult to accomplish the successful prevention of accidents if either supervisor fails to comply with the company's safety policy or workers are not taking safety and health measures in their own hands.
  • Therefore, management, and workers together are advised to observe all the regulations related to the Safety, Heath & Environment policy sincerely to make it successful.
  • All the staff are strictly instructed to comply with the regulations and to positively practice them so that our conversion workshop will be a pleasant workplace without any accidents.

Quality Management

  • We consider quality as a crucial element to achieve success and prosperity. Our creed is to provide quality services to meet expectations of our customers and deliver just in time.
  • We aim at improving the quality of our services to achieve permanent satisfaction of identified or presumed needs and expectations of customer. We create appropriate working environment and social securities for our employees and favorable ecologic climate to our surroundings.
  • We want to be able to permanently compete and achieve significant position in domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, we have specific goals to maintain international standard quality of our services, effectiveness of the quality management system and to meet expectations of our customers such as quality service and durability.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of CGS
  • At CGS we aim to provide the most professional NGV Conversion Services to all the customers by offering them a high quality service and products.
  • We provide flexible and suitable Conversion appointments for the customers. Especially the customers in Transportation industry. Because time is a crucial element.
  • We are capable to provide the customer maintenance support in a easily accessible method for the customers.
  • A dedicated customer complains and maintenance handling person has been assigned to understanding the customer needs and provide assistance
  • We also look forward to our customers suggestions and offer them opportunity to evaluate our performance at the end of completion of the job order.

CGS Product Quality

CGS product quality has always been a starting point rather than a goal to pursue, as witnessed by:

  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
  • VISION 2000, the evolution of the ISO 9001 standard
  • Euro 5, the most stringent European standard on pollutant emissions
  • R110 Certification of CNG Systems
  • R10 Certification of the Electronics
  • ISO 15500 Certification of OMVL Product Range


  • Warranty on CNG Fuel Systems installed by CGS on a brand New Vehicle is 2 Years or 100,000 KM, which ever comes first
  • CGS Provides warranty for CNG Conversion System/ components for NGV Converted Vehicle against any manufacture defect or installation fault for smooth function of the Converted Vehicle